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How it Started...

In 2020 a group of optimistic professionals living in Cornwall decided to be the change they wanted to see in their hometowns. Moved by the local outcry during the Black Lives Matter movement, they wanted to find ways to improve the lives of local people experiencing isolation, prejudice or discrimination because of their ethnicity. 

Today, the organisation delivers positive, fair and meaningful solutions in rural communities; empowering local authorities and organisations to be more inclusive, celebrating diverse cultures, building communities and driving equality for one and all.

 Founded and led by ethnically diverse professionals, the organisation’s team brings a wealth of authentic knowledge and professional expertise to the table:


"We believe in positive education, encouragement, empathy and open, honest conversations. We understand the lived -experiences of ethnically diverse peoples, know the joys and challenges of rural life and will continue to listen, learn and act in support of racial justice." 

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The Vision

Rural communities and people connected through cultural understanding, rural neighbourhoods and businesses that are a safe space for all ethnicities, equitable and fair treatment for ethnically diverse people, a positive cultural shift, recognising diversity as a benefit to local society.


The Mission

Our mission is to provide practical and lasting support for the Duchy to be anti-racist; unlocking Cornwall's full potential as leaders in social change and innovation and fulfilling the promise of Onen Hag Oll. 

The Strategy

  • To educate for an inclusive and culturally healthy society    

  • To advocate for the wellbeing of ethnically diverse peoples

  • To support those affected by prejudice, discrimination or antagonism 

  • To advance institutional accountability and motivate positive change

  • To celebrate cultural diversity and protect heritage

  • To inspire Cornwall to be an actively anti-racist Duchy 

  • To drive Cornwall’s position as leaders in equality, inclusion and diversity in the UK

Who We Are Now

Today, Black Voices Cornwall is a multi-award winning racial equality and social justice CIO. We have delivered anti-racism training to hundreds of educators, professionals and individuals with a 94% recommendation rate, reaching thousands of individuals in our communities through digital and in-person events every month. We provide a referral pathway for victim support with further mediation services and work with institutions such as the police, NHS and local council to steer racial justice strategy.  

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Find Out How We Can Help You

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