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Support Black Voices Cornwall as we deliver our 4th Celebration of Culture 2024


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Charity Number: 1196131

Imagine a world where every ethnically diverse voice is heard, where diversity and inclusion reign supreme, and where communities flourish together in harmony. Black Voices Cornwall CIO is dedicated to making this vision a reality.

By donating you are not only supporting the enrichment and empowerment of ethnically diverse communities in Cornwall, but you are also contributing to the greater tapestry of unity and understanding in society. Your generous contribution will enable Black Voices Cornwall to create educational programs, cultural events, and initiatives that celebrate and honour diverse heritage and culture, while fostering a future where every individual's potential knows no bounds.


Join us in building a brighter tomorrow, where the symphony of ethnically diverse voices resounds, inspiring generations to come. Together, let's be the catalyst for change, making a profound difference one donation at a time.

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